Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed? 6 Reasons & Solutions

Your poop smells like weed if:

  • You smoked or ate marijuana
  • You hid marijuana up your ass
  • You had something that smells like marijuana
  • You have a medical condition like Crohn’s

Take your pick.

Remember, you’re what you eat or drink. The stuff you put inside your body does affect the stuff that comes out. Just be sure to keep a balanced diet and stay hydrated and your poops should be back to normal in no time.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed?

I’m only basing this answer off some people I interviewed, but it usually happens if you:

  1. A) Ate a lot of edibles, or
  2. B) Smoked a crap ton of weed.

Most marijuana users who make edibles use various means to concoct a recipe.

One of such ways is to make “Cannabutter.”. This makes everything smoother and better, sorta. But, I still have heard and seen some people who put sifted marijuana into their recipe, and there will be remnants of marijuana in the food.

What we eat, gets digested and has to go through the intestines and eventually the bowel, including the edibles or dry marijuana that was in whatever thing you consumed.

You know that saying ‘You are what you eat?” When I eat garlic or onion, my flatulence has a distinct odor of onion or garlic.

So, it looks to me like the reason your poops smell like weed is because you are eating and/or smoking marijuana.

If you don’t use marijuana and your feces or pee still smell like pot, I think perhaps, a visit to a Gastrointestinal physician.

Can Your Poop Smell Like Weed?

Your poop can smell like anything, including weed or skunk if we are honest.

The smell of your poop will depend on your diet and the overall health of your digestive system.

So, if you have recently lit one up with your buddies, you may discover that your poop smells like marijuana.

But, if you haven’t blown any trees lately, then the smell may be from something you ate or from your neighborhood or just your nose deceiving you.

So, what can we learn when poop smells like weed?

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed But I Don’t Smoke?

Your poop can smell like weed even if you don’t smoke If:

You eat edibles. Edibles are still cannabis even if you are not smoking them.

Your nose plays tricks on you. It could be something else you smell. My nose picks up some scents as stuff other than what it really is. Like the scent of cooking, rice can have two scents at the same time, like rice and also like baby poop for me.

There is something in this world that your nose picks up as the scent of weed. So if you want to know, pay attention to every detail next time you smell it.

Why Does My Poop and Pee Smell Like Weed?

Research has it that about 65% of marijuana that gets into your system exit as sweat, pee or poop.

This means that the restroom is bound to smell like weed after you had weed via smoke or in edibles.

Similarly, your sweat can also have the same odor as well.

Is It Normal for Poo to Smell Like Weed?

Although rare, it is still possible for a non-marijuana user’s poop to smell like weed.

If you take weed in any form then it is normal for your excrete to smell like weed after you have smoked/ eaten edibles.

Why Does My Feces Smell Like Weed?

Your feces smell like weed because of your diet. Diets containing edibles or weed in any form will make your poop smell like what you consumed.

Not all edibles digest well, the smell you perceive now is the remnants of cannabis.

Does Weed Make You Poop A Lot?

Over the ages, marijuana plants have actually been used to treat varieties of constipation cases for a very long time. Science has actually managed to prove that hemp seed pills work better at getting your colon moving than senna does.

So, does marijuana make you poop a lot, well… let’s just say it features an effective laxative effect!

Does Weed Make You Poop?

Yes! Weed contains a laxative effect so it can get things moving.

Like smoking cigarettes and ingesting nicotine, it can make you want to poop.

Why Does My Poop and Farts Smell Like Weed?

Ingesting marijuana is a sure way of making your farts and poop smell like weed.

Remember, your body is trying to get rid of these foreign substances.

So, your farts and your poop, or even your pee may smell like weed after using.

Does Weed Make You Poop Better?

Yes, weed can make you poop better if you’re constipated and typically have challenges getting things moving down there.

But, if you experience normal and regular bowel, movements, then it could have a more…. liquid effect.

So, be careful as you use it.

Why does weed make you poop? Well, in some ways marijuana and hemp can have the same sort of effect as senna does, it’s just a laxative, getting things going.

What Might Make Your Farts Smell Like Weed?

Your fart smells like weed based on your diet, and your use of marijuana, in edible or smoking form. So, watch what you eat.

Does Weed Make Your Poop Green?

Leafy vegetables and weeds can make your poop green.

Marijuana and several other foods will make your feces green, in fact.

Why Does Marijuana Smell Like Feces?

Depending on the strain, marijuana can smell like poop. Some will, others won’t.

However, if it does smell like shit, then it’s better to avoid it. Typically, most people will say that marijuana smells like skunk, and not poop.

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Why Does My Poop Smell Like Skunk?

The common causes of Your poop smelling like skunk are: if you’ve had weed or suffer from malabsorption.

Malabsorption happens when your body is unable to absorb the proper amount of nutrients from the food you eat.

In most cases, an infection or disease that prevents your intestines from absorbing nutrients from your food is the cause of this.

My Baby Poop Smells Like Weed

Your baby poop will smell like weed if:

There are skunks around your home or skunk smell on your pets and you pet them. Using the same hand to touch your baby.

You have been ignorantly feeding your baby hemp products. It doesn’t have to be psychoactive to have that smell.

Your nose is playing tricks. Personally, I sometimes think malt smells similar to marijuana… could be in all sorts of baby products.

Why Does My Poop Looks Like Weed?

Your poop smells like weed because of your diet. Just don’t smoke it!

To Conclude

The ingestion of Weed is the main reason why your poop smells like weed. But, if your poop smells like weed, but you don’t smoke, take a look at your diet, or maybe seek out a doctor. Do not forget edibles can also have this effect.

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