Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal? [Causes & Solution Explained!]

Your poop smells metallic or especially pungent for the following reasons: A diet high in metal content, A metal allergy, A chronic liver or kidney disease, Iron poisoning, Gastrointestinal bleeding, foods, and medicine.

Why Does My Poop & Farts Smell Like Metal?

Ingesting too many iron-rich foods or drinks will cause your farts and poop to smell like metal.

Metallic-smelling poop and gas is a typical sign of a high volume of sulfur-producing bacteria living and thriving in your gut. But, this can also happen if you regularly take iron supplements, or bleed from your gut too!

To know the cause of these, you have to first narrow it down depending on other symptoms that come with it.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Rusty Metal?

Your poop smells like rusty metal because you have blood in your stool.

We recommend taking a sample of your poop to the hospital to have it checked.

Remember, metallic-smelling shit can occur for various reasons, and smell alone cannot ascertain the cause. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal During Pregnancy?

When pregnancy occurs, your body undergoes a whole load of change, so that is why your poop smells like metal.

During pregnancy, nothing smells or tastes normal. So, a metallic-smelling gas or poop during pregnancy might be a sign of intolerance, or you may just be sensitive, and what would normally not smell so bad becomes like an aggressive assault on your sinuses.

The reason for this is because of the increased sensitivity when you’re pregnant. Your nose may become more sensitive to metallic scents, and while your poop may not actually smell that bad, to you, it might smell like a welders factory.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal After Covid?

From experience and interviews, covid-19 recovering patients have reported suffering more long-term side effects of parosmia and Anosmia, which affects their sense of smell.

You may lose your sense of smell, or instead, everything just smells totally off/horrible. This may explain why your meals smell metallic, rotted, cat food, eggs, or even like skunk excretes.

If you think your poop smells metallic after covid, it is best to see a doctor to determine if it’s your poop or if it’s you!

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Sulfur?

Eating foods rich in sulfur will cause your poop to smell like sulfur. Examples of such foods include meat, garlic, eggs, veggies like broccoli & sulfur, and dairy products.

In most cases, poop smell is not an indication of health, but rather an indication of your diet.

Foods with sulfur work the guts even harder to digest, and it would cause your body to produce an even more excessive amount of gas, and in turn, this will make your poop smell awful.

What Does It Mean When Your Poop Smells Like Chemicals?

Your bad-smelling feces is due to malabsorption. Malabsorption is what happens when your body is not able to take in the adequate nutrients from the food you consume.

This will mostly happen if you suffer from an infection or disease that doesn’t allow your intestines to absorb what is required from the food that you consume.

If that happens, you should see a doctor NOW.

What the Smell of Your Poop Says About Your Health

The smell of human poop is derived from the bacteria living inside our colon. These bacteria help with breaking down consumed food.

In other words, your poop will smell different depending on the diet you have. A change in diet will most likely mean a change in poop smell too.

So, if you suddenly find yourself asking why your stool smells like metal, or why does my poop smell like iron, it might just be dietary changes.

However, if you find that you are asking why does my poop smell metallic, and even when your diet changes, the smell is the same, it might be time for a trip to the doctor.

Even more important to see a doctor is when your poop smell changes, and is accompanied by any pains, discomfort or other symptoms.

Metallic Smelling Stool Causes

Your poop can smell like metal for the following reasons:

  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Intolerances
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions, or
  • Infections

So, if you aren’t sure of the cause of the problem, be wise to see a doctor.

What Does It Mean When You Smell Metallic?

Metallic smells on parts of your body can be caused by handling metals, but, they can also be caused by the heavy burning of protein during a workout.

You may also smell metal if you have issues with your sinuses, as blood will smell metallic.

But, note that tasting metallic a lot can be a sign of health problems.

You should seek the assistance of a doctor.

Metallic Smelling Poop And Taste In Mouth

A metallic taste in the mouth and smell in poop could mean that you have gum disease and gingivitis.

If this is bad enough, it could easily transfer to your feces, or make everything smell like metal to you.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Pennies?

A penny smell is typically like copper, this may also be an indication of blood in your stool. Observe and see if you find black and tarry movements alongside this, as it will usually indicate bleeding in your GI tract in some way.

If that is true, then I advise you get your rear down to your doctor’s office to get checked!

Poop Smells Metallic After Drinking

Frequent and excessive drinking of alcohol kills too many of the friendly bacteria in your gut and then these bacteria smells metallic as you poop.

Alcohol changes the smell of poop. However, once you change that smell, it’ll become less familiar and thus, more foul smelling, when to anyone else, both poops smell just as terrible.

Poop Smells Like Metal Iron Tablets

Iron supplements can and will make your poop smell like minerals. Plus, it can turn your poop green and even black. Your body absorbs what it needs and you poop out the rest.

Make sure you’re taking Vitamin C with it too, you’ll probably notice a decrease in the smell because you’ll be absorbing it better.

Poop Smells Metallic But No Blood

The most likely cause is iron-rich diets and allergies. medicines or supplements – vitamin B supplements, and some drugs like metronidazole can cause this.

Consult your doctor and ask for a Routine stool examination. This can confirm whether these or any other conditions are present. Ask about occult blood and giardiasis. If the report is normal, then do not worry about this.

Black Poop Smells Like Metal

The most likely cause is iron-rich diets or iron tablets.

Plus, it can turn your poop green and even black. Your body absorbs what it needs and you poop out the rest.

Make sure you’re taking Vitamin C with it too, you’ll probably notice a decrease in the smell because you’ll be absorbing it better.

What Does Bowel Cancer Poop Smell Like?

Bowel cancer poop smell sour or metallic. It could be an indication of the continuous growth and spread of this infection to other parts of your body.

If you notice a strong smell from your bowel, please see your doctor as soon as possible.

Why Does My Poop Smell So Bad?

Your poop can smell bad if:

  • There is an infection in your gut
  • You have a bowel movement when your poop is not supposed to be released. For instance, during the early stages of pregnancy or during labor.
  • You suffer from digestive issues.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Ammonia?

  • Your poop can smell like ammonia if:
  • Your diet lacks B-vitamin thiamine
  • You have a metal allergy
  • Malabsorption of nutrients from meals.


A metallic-smelling poop could be caused by various factors. One of which is consuming metal-rich foods, too frequent.

The consumption of metal-rich foods can lead to the formation of metal compounds in your poop. Another possibility is that you’re taking metal supplements, which can also lead to the production of metal-based smells.

Speak to your doctor or health professional if you’re concerned about the smell of your poop and would like to find out more information.

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