Why Does My Poop Smell Burnt? [EXPLAINED]

Burnt poop smell is caused by malabsorption, celiac disease, your diet, a short intestine, diabetes, or infection caused by salmonella or E. Coli.

Burning plastic and rubber release the same gas: SO2. The body does not release this gas though but the smell you perceive is similar to this.

Dieting and consuming lots of sugar-free or no-sugar-added foods could cause your stool to smell this way too!

So, go see a doctor to have it checked out, as I said could be many things. Poop smells bad, but not like that, check if your breath is changing too.

Few measures which might help you:

  • Have natural food like fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Avoid food with chemicals and artificial flavors.
  • Take a diet rich in fiber
  • Have lots of water per day
  • Try Probiotics drinks containing bifido bacteria and lactic acid bacilli which has a beneficial effect on the bowel.
  • Avoid constipation.

Why does My Poop Smell Like Burnt Rubber, Burnt Hair, Burnt Coffee?

99.9% of the times, the products of bacterial actions are the cause of various stool smells. You may find a high concentrate of a compound known as “mercaptans”. This compound is what causes the stool to smell like burnt rubber.

Additional causes of stool smelling burnt foul include:

  • Malabsorption

Malabsorption happens when your body is unable to absorb the required amount of nutrients from the food you feed on.

Intestinal disease or infection is the major cause of these. They prevent your intestines from absorbing nutrients from your food.

Common causes of malabsorption are:

  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
  • Dairy protein and other food allergies
  • Celiac disease,
  • In the inability to process sugars and starches completely

Eating certain foods while you have IBD will cause your intestines to suffer inflammation. In fact, people wit IBD typically complain of constipation or foul-smelling diarrhea.

Affected individuals also have flatulence after eating certain foods. This flatulence may have a foul smell.

  • Infection

Infections like gastroenteritis affect the intestines and contaminate them with Salmonela or E.coli.

Soon after developing these infections, you may experience abdominal cramps and then have foul-smelling, runny stools.

Other bacteria, parasites, or viruses could cause your tract to become infected too.

  • Medications and supplements

The use of some over-the-counter multivitamins you’re allergic to could cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

After a course of antibiotics, you may have foul-smelling stools until your regular bacterial flora is restored.

Foul-smelling diarrhea can be a side effect of taking more than the recommended daily allowance of multivitamin or any single mineral or vitamin.

Diarrhea linked with the use of multivitamins or medication overdose is a sign of a medical emergency.

Getting too much of any of these vitamins can have life-threatening side effects: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Other conditions that can cause foul-smelling stools include chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, and short bowel syndrome.

How to Stop Poop from Smelling Burnt

Make Dietary Changes

Yes! This will help prevent foul-smelling stools,

For instance, drinking raw, or unpasteurized milk causes my body to not absorb food the way I want. This causes a foul-smelling poop. I noticed that when I stopped, my body was able to absorb food better.

If you notice the same, speak to your doctor and he or she can devise a diet plan that’s right for you.

Following this diet plan can help reduce symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, and foul-smelling stools.

  • Handle Food Correctly

By handling food correctly, you’re able to avoid bacterial infections from food.

So, cook raw foods such as eggs, pork, poultry, and beef well before eating.

  • Cook Thoroughly

While cooking, use a food thermometer to check the food’s internal temperature before eating.

Consult with your local health department for the minimum internal temperature for each type of food before eating it.

Don’t prepare veggies and meat on the same chopping board. Be warned! Preparing both meat and vegetable on the same chopping board can spread bacteria or Salmonella.

You should also wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meats or using the restroom.

  • Educate Yourself

Yes! That’s right. You should educate yourself about bowel movements – what’s normal, what’s healthy, what’s weird, what’s not.

That’s because your bathroom behavior is crucial to your overall health.

Yes, in case you don’t know, your poop can reveal signs of infections, early signs of cancer, and digestive issues.

So, pay attention to your poop – how often you go, how long it takes, and what the end result looks and, yes, smells like.

Your poops smell for a very good reason. We all know they aren’t supposed to smell like fragrant perfumes or flowers because anything containing waste matter, parasites, dead cells, and bacteria certainly isn’t going to smell nice.

But, some poops do smell more terrible than others and if you’ve got regular foul-smelling stools, it could be a sign that your digestive system is compromised in some way.

So, find out the causes of foul-smelling bowel movements and what you can do to avoid having to spray the toilet with air freshener every time you have a poop.

Baby Poop Smells Like Burnt Hair

The following causes are why your baby’s poop smells like burnt hair:

  • A food allergy (particularly milk related)
  • A bacterial or virus infection
  • A sensitivity to a new meal and or
  • Moderate Dehydration

Most of the time, these odors go away once the diet is changed. However, if your infant exhibits other symptoms such as black or green stools, vomiting, blood in the stool, fever, etc., the cause could be a virus or bacteria and the cause could be sour milk. In this situation, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Baby Poop Smells Like Burnt Tire

Your baby’s poop smells like burnt tires because he or she consumed something they’re intolerant or allergic to.

The most common substance that causes an awful smell includes hylands teething tablets and dairy products.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Burnt Matches?

Your poop smells like burnt matches because your feces contain sulfur. Sulfur is derived from sulfur-rich foods like eggs.

The “burnt match” smell you perceive is from sulfur. More than likely, if your poop reeks of sulfur, then you probably ate sulfur-rich foods such as eggs.

A methane smell smells come from foods such as beans, milk, eggs, etc. These foods are great attractants of bacteria in the intestines and might not digest well. Therefore, causing a foul odor.

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Why Does My Poop Smell Like Sulfur?

Consuming too many eggs or something with sulfur will cause your feces to smell like sulfur or rotten eggs.

Sulfur-containing amino acids like taurine, cysteine, methionine, and homocysteine break down after digestion and release sulfur in the form of H2S or hydrogen sulfide. This is where the odor is coming from.


Now, the most common cause of change in the smell of your poop is diet. However, if you haven’t made any recent change in your medication or diet, then this is possibly unlikely in your case.

Another possible reason could be an infection of your gastrointestinal tract. I would recommend carrying out a stool examination to confirm this one so that the proper treatment with antibiotics can begin.

In the meantime, Avoid intestinal stimulants like coffee, tea, cola, etc.

I think antibiotics combined with diet modification should solve your problem.

I Hope, my answer and recommendations are helpful to you.

Wish you good health.

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