Why Does My Eyes Water When I Poop or Pee? [FIND OUT!]

Chances are that you overstimulated the vagus nerve by bearing down. It can cause all types of things like slow heartbeat, fainting, crying, runny nose, or even orgasming for women.

Your eyes water when your poop because at the moment of being shat out, your feces contact your anus in a way that feels both pleasurable and painful. That is why you had that “Feeling” when you poop, and tears came out as a natural body’s response to such a feeling.

Why Do I Tear Up When I Poop or Pee?

If by your question, you mean that there’s no physical reason for your tears (like, being in pain from going “poop”, or from constipation, hemorrhoid, or something like that) and that your eyes just begin to water/form tears while you’re going to the restroom, then its totally normal.

It actually occurs to a good number of people, myself included. I’ve always called it “eyes watering” rather than ‘crying”, though. But, I discovered that it can really be annoying, sometimes!

At times, my face fills up with tears running over, and other times, they just fill up with non-spilling tears. It’s random! Also, my nose will start running, too, which is also very annoying too, haha.

From my understanding and research as to the reason why is because of something to do with the signals in your brain. I guess the signal for forming crying/tears and the signal for going “#2’ come from the same place in your brain.

You see what happens is that instead of your brain sending out a signal for your body to just do one – crying or pooping, your brain sends out a signal to do both, at the same time.

It’s the same thing with your eyes watering when you yawn.

But yeah, it’s normal.

Why Does Pooping Feel Good?

Pooping feels good because you’re in a completely relaxed state. That way, the act of passing put waste becomes a pleasurable experience rather than a painful one.

Why Do My Eyes Water When I Have A Bowel Movement?

There are additional reasons as to why this occurs and they include”

Reason One

  • Loose bowels, or constipation
  • Piles

These two can make your pooping experience a painful one.

Secondly, this may be a sign of you being in a completely relaxed state. Some people (including me) say that they also have a runny noses when they poop.

Reason Two

You’re probably using up a great deal of strength in bowel movements. This causes part of your holes like the eyes to release the gas of our body, and the strength may be transferred to a pressure called IOP which will press the tear gland to induce tears.

So, next time, don’t use too much strength in a bowel movement for that since the pressure may convert to your brain to cause hemorrhage especially the old people should note it.

Reason Three

People will make tears when they move bowels, just because they are too hard to do it.

There are tear glands in our nose on both sides, your eyes will tear when the pressure is more than your tear glands can fit. So, next time, ease your mind a little bit and remember to eat more vegetables and fruits!

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Should My Eyes Water When I Poop?

Your eyes could water for the following reasons:

  • The smell is heinous! You should watch your diet and see a doctor.
  • You’re straining. Eat more fiber or try a stool softener
  • You’ve held that shit for too long. Learn to let it go.
  • You might have been sexually abused in the past
  • It is because of a change in abdominal pressure. The inside push needed to take out the poo can cause strain in the nerves leaving you teary-eyed.
  • You’re on your period
  • Or it feels euphoric to rid of the waste that once was inside your body, so you’re also releasing emotional toxins.. our body and mind are connected, you know.. Even, neurotransmitters formulate in our gut, and well.. poop cycles through our gut…
  • Food habits
  • Your digestive system
  • Your weather conditions
  • Your activities(physical/mental)
  • Your body clock
  • The size of your poop is wider than where it should exit from. Try using the Indian squat poop flush system.

Why Do My Eyes Water When I Yawn?

There are two possible explanations:

1- During a yawn, there is a slight increase in pressure inside the skull (likely caused by slight increases in the amount of oxygen taken in during a deep yawn). This causes the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the fluid that surrounds the brain and flows through the brain’s ventricle system, to be forced out faster than normal. That fluid enters the lachrymal (tear) system. That increase in fluid pushes out the tears.

2 – the more simplistic reason may be that when you yawn you scrunch up a bunch of facial muscles. That causes the tear glands and ducts to be squished, forcing out some tears.

It won’t work with a “fake yawn” though since “fake yawning”, doesn’t put as much pressure on these glands as you would with a natural yawn.

I have noticed that real yawns are more “excruciating” on my face than if I do a few fake ones.

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